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Our Ministries



The communications department plays a crucial role in the success of the New Life SDA church. This department works closely with other departments to ensure it understands the dynamics of their department and the information it needs to communicate. We also assist by ensuring they have the proper tools and skills to grow. We do this by hosting seminars, sharing tips, and in-person assessments.

Community Service

God has called every Seventh-day Adventist Church be a transforming agent in its community, following the methods of Jesus to bring help and hope through ministries of compassion in His name. Even though problems such as poverty, disease, disaster, and other social problems are multiplying around the world, there is a positive side to this challenge. These ever-present problems present unlimited opportunities for God’s people to experience the joy of service in providing compassionate care that alleviates and prevents suffering. This opens doors to reach people with the hope of Jesus Christ in the midst of their struggles.


Education Department

The education department is to encourages a broad level of achievement in its students. We foster in students a knowledge of the true image of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for Him through communion with the Holy Spirit. We challenge students to realize that it is their responsibility to obtain their highest potential on earth in mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Avondale SDA School Chattanooga

Avondale SDA School Chattanooga

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Family Life Ministry

Our mission of evangelism is to provide resources, training, and networking opportunities that will instill hope and bring wholeness to families within the territory of our community. Our vision statement is: Reaching Families for Eternity.

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Health & Temperance

Our Health and Ministries Department places emphasis on evangelism through the avenues of health seminars, wellness conferences, natural remedies demonstrations, cooking instructions, health retreats, etc. by flexin’ the Right Arm of the Gospel!


Men's Ministry

Our mission is to lead men to Christ as they develop spiritually, draw closer to God, and become leaders, not only in their families but in their communities as well.  

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Music Ministry

God has woven music into the very fabric of His creation. To use the diverse musical talents in our church to uplift worship service to that which is pure, noble and elevating and to awaken in man’s soul his devotion and gratitude to God.


The music ministry is involved with creatively working to develop ideas for expanding the existing music program of the church. The ministry uses music for communication, outreach and glorification of God. Heaven’s communion begins here on earth and music is the keynote of its praise.

Personal Ministries

The objective of this ministry is to gain an understanding of the role of church member’s involvement in soul winning, and to be able to communicate that understanding in words and actions that will result in increased participation in soul winning.

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Women's Ministry

Women serve as important leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs are of huge importance. The Women’s Ministries Department supports programs that help women rise to their full potential as leaders in their homes and communities. The department backs mentorship and academic scholarship programs for young women. It also hosts events around the world opposing domestic abuse and other violence against women.


Youth Ministries

The youth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are valued not just as its future but as incredibly important current community members. The Youth Department helps develop resources and programming to support and mentor young people. The team works in close cooperation with regional youth leaders to find relevant ways to encourage and train youth as they help their communities to study the Bible to find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus.

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